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BTL rents to increase this year by around 4%

Low interest rates to return to the U.K….

Tax changes on landlords has cost the Treasury £1.5 billion

The average price of a home coming to market increased by £2,587, or 0.7% month-on-month, in September

House Price Index show that Property prices have risen by 15.5%

House Prices rise further in August 2022

U.K. House Prices reach a six month consecutive high despite predictions and defying expectations…..

U.K. Average House Prices have increased to £256,000

Property listings up by 12%

The Fifty Year Mortgage has landed…..

House prices continue to rise (due to shortage of stock) regardless of a fall in demand according to RICS

U.K. Housing Market to ‘cool’ and not ‘crash’ based upon history repeating itself.

U.K. house prices increase by 11%

And the mortgage affordability test has gone….

The number of £10 million+ homes sold in London reaches record levels…

house prices expected to keep increasing over the next 12 months

The Govt’s war on landlords will cost the UK 50,000 homes a year.

Relief for Cladding victims as banks agree to lend on apartments with cladding

Property asking prices increase 9.3% due to shortage of stock

House Prices up by 12.8%

Mortgage borrowers can withstand interest rates of up to 5%….

House Prices increase by 13 per cent

House prices increase at the fastest pace yet….

Gov’t weighs-up 50 year ‘generational’ mortgages….

The U.K. property market is not heading for a crash….

No slowdown for the U.K. Property Market

House prices rise as buyers rush to lock-in favourable mortgage offers

Average house prices jump by £31,000

House prices to rise another 8% in 2022 and 26% by 2024 (compared to pre-Covid).

House prices hit a record high in June

What property you can buy for the average house price?

Record number of London homes sold off-market

UK House Prices Defy Slowdown Fears With 10th Consecutive Gain

Second home owners will save £400 on energy bills

Is the UK shifting towards a longer-term renting lifestyle?

House prices soar by as much as 215 per cent across central London and Home Counties

Simon Cowell’s £45million property portfolio

Average asking prices for UK properties soar with 10% rise in last year

UK house prices soar in May

The housing market is at its peak – but here’s why you should buy in 2022

FT: Bridging Loans surge as UK buyers scramble for property.

The number of homeowner mortgages in arrears is 10% lower than a year ago

UK property prices rose 1.1% in April

London asking house prices rise across all boroughs to hit new record high

London house prices rise at fastest rate since 2016

Annual house price growth ‘not far off average UK earnings’

London’s ‘thrilling’ housing market recovery as people return to the capital

House Price Boom – top ten UK areas:

Strongest ever spring market:

UK property asking prices jump to record £354,000 in March:

Average house price in Great Britain exceeds £350,000 for first time

Record Rents

Half of Homes sell within 3 weeks…

House Price Boom for February

Mortgage approvals hit highest rate since last Summer

Bank of England to review ‘Affordability Test’ for Mortgages

UK property asking prices jump at fastest monthly pace on record

London housing market boosted by end of COVID restrictions

demand exceeds supply

Average house price climbs £27,000 in 2021

Rents rise at quickest pace in thirteen years…..

Britons are going to have to spend upwards of £100bn improving their homes

UK property market set for ‘record breaking’ year – homeowner’s profits predicted to rise

One in five Britons plans to buy a property in 2022

Thousands of landlords may face bills of up to £15,000….

U.K. Housing market sees strongest start to the year since 2005

London House prices reach an all time high.

Buyer enquiries rise by 15%

UK Property Asking Prices Increase at Quickest Pace Since 2016

UK property market sees ‘busiest ever’ start to a new year

Government eco red tape will wipe thousands off house prices

Top 25 UK areas for buy-to-let:

UK house sales to first-time buyers reach highest for 19 years

Interest-only mortgages on rental properties are the key to financial freedom

National growth is forecast to drop from 10% to 3-5%

What will happen to house prices in 2022?

Average of 29 buyers for every property on the market say estate agents

South East, South West, East of England and North West saw biggest rises

London House Prices rebound!

‘There’s no doubt’: House prices ‘almost certain’ to continue to rise in 2022, says expert

2022: Busy, but less frenetic

Average property price rises £20,000 in a year, with biggest increases in Wales and Northern Ireland

Officials are understood to be considering softening affordability checks

5 top tips to keep your property safe

Interest rate hikes will not dim the allure of property

Red hot property market makes Brits the richest they have ever been

UK’s Rightmove forecasts 5% rise in property prices for 2022

Double-digit house price growth returns as ‘buoyant’ market keeps up pace

UK set for housing boom with property market busiest ever since 2007

One in every 16 houses are being sold in the UK this year as property market booms

Hull ranked third in UK for best property value

House prices ‘to rise 25% by 2026’

First home in England to be bought with a mortgage is for sale….

Proeprty transactions fall by half in October….

The 40 year mortgage has arrived….

Interest rates could affect the housing market….

Don’t wait until after Xmas to sell your property….

UK house prices climb to record high despite growth ‘likely to slow’

The north and south divide of property prices will narrow over the ext five years….

H.M.L.R. alert updates….

Parents consider BTL mortgages To Help Their Children At University

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors: House Prices increase again in October post SDLT exemptions

Landlords may have to write off cc. £7bn in Covid-driven arrears

Rightmove: UK property remains a sellers’ market,

H.M. Land Registry fees set to soar from January

Evictions: Repossession claims by banks have surged by 50%

House prices could rise by 35% by 2025

Loophole to close on thousands of second homes tax and business rates